How did Eco Quality Clothing start?

-Our name "AFT Capital" comes from the small investment fund we bootstrapped from the ground. But, as any other first ventures in life you either fail or you learn. We learned that our entrepreneurship spirit was intact regardless of the outcomes and quickly pivoted and found alternatives to continue pushing financially.

-The company soon got into flipping a lot random items from toys to electronics online in need of cash. One day visiting a goodwill in Jacksonville, FL in search of more inventory, we walked by the clothing section of the store and immediately found gems. Clothing worth $40 to $300 at one point in their life. Brands that we quickly recognized as we wore many of them on a daily basis. We thought it was crazy how many good clothes ended up on those racks. We decided that it would be a good investment to buy the best ones we found and put them online on ebay to see if there was any luck in reselling.

-We dove in strictly into clothing as that was the one thing we knew and were the most passionate about. As we continued to research the industry we ended up finding some ugly facts that no one really wants to hear about: "The U.S. alone sends about 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills every year. And sadly, only 10-15% of donated clothing actually ends up in the secondhand market.-Mar 22, 2018" We saw a huge opportunity where we could make an impact in the ecosystem, contribute to sustainability, influence a new generation of fashion consumption and continue solving problems within the fashion industry and how to decrease its footprints.

-We decided to build an online thrift store availible on ebay, mercari and poshmark. The journey has just started but since inception our company has traded more than 4700+ clothing pieces an equivalent of 4,000+ lbs of waste kept away from our landfills!

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