We firmly believe in helping out those in need. By donating items you no longer need or want, we can stay true to our philosophy of giving back to those around us. We currently give 10% of our revenue to charities such as: Bright Pink, Direct Relief & Humane Society.

Roca De Salvacion

When our customers opt to have items donated that do not qualify for resale, we happily pass them along to our friends at Iglesia Roca De Salvacion. These items will find homes with members of the local community who are in need. Check out their website below for more information. If you're local to our area and wish to donate items other than clothing, such as furniture, home accessories, or more we also are able to help find in need homes for those items as well. ​Contact us if you have any questions about donations. We strive to do our part to help those around us.
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